Learning Apple’s SwiftUI or UIKit: Which One Is Right for You Right Now?

SwiftUI, Apple’s new declarative programming framework, was introduced along with iOS 13 in September 2019. As a student rolling into 2021 you may be wondering if you should start your iOS development journey with SwiftUI or pick the tried and true UIKit? Spoiler alert: it depends.

Our own Joshua Button weighs in on the debate in our latest post. Check it out here.

What are your thoughts on SwiftUI vs UIKit?


  • I haven't gotten very far into SwiftUI yet, although I have snagged a few tutorials. Now that the semester is done, and the faculty and students have gone home, I might have some time to get into it a little more. My first impression, though, is that I would much rather draw out my interface items in Interface Builder (or whatever we call it now that it is integrated) than figure out how to do them programmatically. However, I do see the value of dynamic content being handled that way. I'll have to get into it more before I can tell for sure.