FAQs from Prospective Clients

Over the years we've found these to be some of the most frequent questions that our prospective clients have had for us.

Who will be the owner of the code? Will I have access to the code? 

  • You will own the code we write. 
  • If you do not have your own existing development infrastructure or your own team, we will gladly host the repository for you through our Github organization. You will have read access to the repository from the very beginning, and we will transfer ownership of the repository to you at the end of the engagement. 
  • If you have an existing development infrastructure and require we manage our code there, we will gladly do so. We ask that you provide us as much ownership over the repository that you, or your IT staff, will allow. 

Are we going to advise them on what works and what doesn’t - or just do the work as they told us to?

Many other companies are perfectly happy simply to be told what to do. However, our clients get the best value in Big Nerd Ranch when we defer to our clients’ expertise and leadership in their vision and their market, and they defer to our expertise and leadership in product ideation and development. We see our engagement as a collaboration and partnership, learning from each other to build the best product for your business. Some of our most beloved clients have shared with us how much they’ve learned from us and have taken and applied those learnings to future product development endeavors. 

Do we have good communication during projects?

The Big Nerd Ranch team thrives on maintaining an active line of communication with you. In fact, we see our clients as teammates, rather than a receiver of deliverables. While our project strategist will be your main point of contact, the lead developer, lead designer, and business development manager will also be active points of contact for you. In fact, you have access to the entire team dedicated to the engagement. 

Do we offer support and updates after the project is done?

We’re thrilled to have the privilege to work on subsequent versions of your product with you after launching, as the market demands new features.

As for post-launch maintenance, which focuses primarily on bug fixes and stability, we typically do not do that type of work unless it is accompanied by new feature development. 

How much time do we need to gather the team for their project?

Our typical ramp-up time is about 4-6 weeks, starting from contract negotiation

Could you show me a reference from other clients?

We have our customer success stories here but we can provide you with a reference should we get to that point. 

Do you provide online training?

We have started a virtual workshop series that runs over the summer. Check out the schedule here. 

Will I be able to pick who I work with - when it comes to developers?

We’re proud of the care and attention we put into hiring and retaining high-quality talent across our practices. Our resource manager works diligently to determine staffing based on timing, availability, and required skill sets. 

Will the Nerds work just on my project or they are shared between clients?

Developers and designers are fully dedicated to your project. 

Project Strategists have variable staffing (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) depending on the scope and impact of your project

Do you help with market research?

Yes! Our Customer Experience (CX) team offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to investigate, analyze, and research your market and your potential users so that we are building the right product the first time.

Will you help me launch the app in Google Play and App Store?

Oh, you betcha.

What happens if a bug appears after the finished project?

We have effective measures in place to ensure your product is bug-free. However, after we deliver the final product over to you, you have 5 days to determine the hardiness of the application and document any bugs you believe are in our error. If the bug is the result of our error, we will gladly fix it free of charge.

What technologies you have in-house?

We develop in native iOS, Android, and full-stack web. We are also proficient in IoT and artificial intelligence.

Can you share some articles that will help me figure out what is involved in building a product as a start-up? What do I have to think about when it comes to the MVP and how much can I expect it to cost? What factors do I need to take into consideration when trying to build a product for the first time?

Sure. Check out the following from our blog. 

How long does it take to develop the app?

The time it takes to develop your product depends considerably on the complexity, quality, and scope of the product you want to see build. In addition, another factor not discussed enough is your availability and commitment to this engagement. The less involved and invested you are, the longer it can take. Working with us requires investment in time and energy, for which you will see a positive return.