Need developer to help with Mac app

Hello. My name is Rick Ralston and I have written an app for the Macintosh to automate Adobe Illustrator. Please see my website here -> With my limited skillset I was able to get it to the beta-testing phase but would like to build it out to sell.

I've written the core of it in AppleScript (which is all I really know). I created the small UI in ASObjectiveC in Xcode but I only just barely knew what I was doing. I would like to discuss hiring someone to:

1) possibly rewrite the UI in, say, SwiftUI

2) integrate services for licensing, updating and store integration like Fastspring (I don't want to sell in the Apple Store necessarily but if that makes more sense then I'm open to it)

3) explore adapting the app to the PC (though this is possibly phase 2 or 3)

Please contact me at [email protected] if interested or if you know someone who could help.