What are Dark Patterns?

Dark Patterns are deceptive design tricks that make people perform an action on a website or in an app that they didn’t mean to do or would not have done, had their user behavior not been intentionally manipulated. We've all fallen prey to these tricks. Have you run into any specific Dark Patterns and do you have any tips/tricks to avoid them?

Check out Maggie O'Connor's what-are-dark-patterns blog post over at ADK, who have also just recently joined the Projekt 202 family!


  • That actually happened to my wife. She thought she was signing up to get a free in-car windshield camera. What she was really signing up for, after I dug through the website subsequent to getting a $79.99 charge 30 days later (after the cancel timeframe ran out) was the opportunity to BETA test the camera for free, and then to automatically buy it once it was too late to cancel.