Let's introduce ourselves!

Hi there. I'm Thomas, the Senior Content Strategist at Big Nerd Ranch. My day-to-day is a lot of writing, which is awesome.

In my free time, I hang out with my family and go birding whenever possible. My favorite birds include the ruby-crested kinglet, American goldfinch, and the red-tailed hawk that constantly circles my neighborhood.

What about you?


  • Hey, hello everyone. I'm Bruce, and I am a Senior Systems Engineer at The University of Notre Dame, focusing on macOS and iOS devices (with the occasional AppleTV or Apple Watch thrown in for good measure). I work with staff, faculty, and students when they need help in the Apple ecoverse. I'm a middling Sprint programmer, having gone to two BNR classes back in the Objective-C days, and then relearning with Swift.

    Thomas, what is this "free time" of which you speak? :-) But seriously, reading a lot of speculative fiction (mostly space opera and time travel novels) and binging the occasional old TV series. I hope to finish at least one of the games I have been designing and retire on the vast income that is certainly to emerge from that effort. 🤔

  • Hello Everyone! 

     I'm Franklin from Uganda.

    I’m a Telecom engineer turned iOS Developer.

    My iOS Developer journey is pretty young, transitioning from a 12-year career as a telecommunications engineer to an iOS developer.

    I'm Currently working for Ericsson and using my free time to contribute to open-source iOS apps.

    Happy to be here! 👋

  • Just noticed that autocorrect changed Swift, or at least what I intended to be Swift, to Sprint... sigh. I don't know if there is a Sprint language, but I don't know it if there is... heh.

  • I'm new to the Forums but not new to the Ranch. I'm James and I help run the QA team at Big Nerd Ranch. We've grown that team quite a bit in the last year and we're all spread out across different client projects. I'd love to add some QA-related chatter to this forum. Nice to see and meet some new faces!

  • Hello, I am Duane Gallaher and new to developing with Swift. My experience in IT started on the mainframe back... "a few years ago".

    Free time is usually consumed by guitar playing.